【暮らし】散歩ふらり。/ go for a walk.

12月 25th, 2014



Hi. it will be finished 2014 year. How are you getting along these days? as usual, We open the store, prepare for work at next year. I lost the opportunity of going the maker’s factory, because increase in work of kind of planning. Instead of me, HARU who is manager communication with maker. We make strenuous efforts to modify the product than now. but next year, I think I will work with maker, and inform you the maker’s situation next year.


well, these days, I work in my house, because I spend the time with my family. I have two sans who is 2 years old and 0 years old. We go out for a walk around my house, this season, flower is beautiful.this photo’s flower is camellia. it will be blooming. I have peace of mind looking the flower.I feel the end of the year, head for the next year. bye.



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