Shopping Guide for International Customers

Shopping Guide for International Customers


We are a shop and local enterprise based in Yame City, Fukuoka, JAPAN, introducing crafts and products with a modern twist and rich cultural background, as well as developing original products working closely with local makers and craftsmen.

○ Our online shop

Although our online shop is only in Japanese at the moment, international customers can now shop in their own language and currency using WorldShopping.

All you have to do is click the item you are interested!


If you would wish to know more about the item, please email and we will be happy to assist you.

○ MONPE and sizing

One of our most popular product is our MONPE pants (or trousers) made of Kurume Kasuri, a local ikat textile woven in south of Fukuoka.
(Except few of the collaboration MONPE which we use locally woven textile in Japan)

For more information:

【Monpe Sizing Guide】

S : Waist / 64cm-96cm Hip / ~ 116cm Inside leg / 64cm Calf / 36
M: Waist / 65cm-102cm Hip / ~ 112cm Inside leg / 66cm Calf / 38
L : Waist / 68cm-108cm Hip / ~ 116cm Inside leg / 67cm Calf / 41

○ Other Inquiries

For terms and conditions regarding WorldShopping, please see below link: