【日々のこと】今年の全イベント終了 / All event is finished this year.

12月 2nd, 2014

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All event of UNAGINONEDOKO pland is finished this year. As we run slowly for December and January, plan the next year event schedule. This year, we planed MONPE EXHIBITION at Fukuoka,Tokyo. Our action went spread little by little.

Our shop’s function is publicity about manufacture in KYUSHU-CHIKUGO. and other side, we think make the product fit modern society life by local area had good technique.This activity is our job we think. We don’t publication this blog yet  about some excited project in progress, You can look forward to it.

I think about next year’s schedule of event,production,and so on. we will work hard.Please keep cheering for our activity.bye.

白水 / Shiramizu


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